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Verification call



I received a call from a lady **edited for Community Guidelines**. She mentioned her that she is calling from upwork and she like to varify my identity. We were having some issues on voice but later we could be able to speak on skype.
When she asked me what is your address? I was bit concerned. Reason was, I was not sure if I am talking to right person. I requested her if you provide me your landline number (upwork office number) so that I could call you on phone. This way I will be sure, I am talking to right person. She did not give me any number and I thought without proof how can I tell my personal details to anyone. I am not sure who is sitting on other side of computer. 
Is there any way we could check if we are talking to right person?
Later I just noticed that she sent me email from
**edited for Community Guidelines** account.
Why not she has account like 
**edited for Community Guidelines**??

Kindly let me know if, this was right varification call? Thanks.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Tusif, 

I can confirm that the agent who called you is a member of the Support Team, and this was part of the verification process. 

~ Avery
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