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Verification email not received




When I to login my account if says to verify it via email (because I entered wrong password couple of time) but I am not receiving any emai inspite of sending it multiple times. 


Can somebody please help me with this. 


Thank You. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Sagira,



Please check if you're using the correct email since you've changed the registered email address.






I'm having the same issue where I've requested many verification emails, but I have not received any of them.


And yes, I've confirmed that my email was entered correctly.


Please help!


Thank you

Hi J, 

I apologise for the inconvenience. Could you also please check your spam folder for any email from our end? 

~ Avery

i've checked all folders in my email including spam folder, and there´s no upwork verification email, please help

Hi Hegar,


Could you please go to your Settings > Contact Info and click the button to resend the email? Check inbox of the email address you are changing to.

~ Valeria

I already have did it and still not receiving any email

I am not receiving an email verification.

My email address is correct.

I have checked my spam folder.


I have received other emails from UpWork, but not the verification email that I need to post a job.


What can I do to get an email verification and post a job?


Carter Coleman

Hi Carter,


Could you please go to this page and click the link to re-send the verification email?




Let me know if you can find the email this time.



~ Valeria

I have clicked the link and it shows resent email at current time and date. but when i go back to my email box there's no verification email exist. I am getting other emails but not this. how do i fix this hsit?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Dev,


Please use the link again, check the Spam box and follow up if you still don't see the email.


Im having the same issue. I have contact support with little help. Its not in my spam folder, i cleared the history, cashes, and cookies and i have hit the resend link buttom multiple times.

Hi Jon, Upon checking you've created a ticket on this issue. Please wait for an update through that ticket thread and post any questions you have. Thanks.

~ Jo-An


i have the same issue. i resent verification email 8 times but did not receive any email from upwork. i sent an email from another account just to check if i can receive a message, and yes i did but nothing from upwork

Hi Imee Mari Maurice, 

I'll go ahead and check this with the team so that it can be looked into further.

UPDATE: Hi Imee Mari Maurice, the team has updated your account. Please try verifying your email address again and let us know if you don't receive the email verification. 

~ Avery



I have nothing in my email or my spam and I have resubmitted my verifcation email now for the second time two days in a row nothing is coming to my email. My email is:**edited for Community Guidelines**. I would like to get this resolved so I can create an account. Please get back with me. Thank you. 

Hi Tim, 

The Customer Support Team will reach out to you to assist you with your issue. I apologise for the inconvenience. 

~ Avery

Hi there,


I have just tried to make an account and after putting y email address in, and asking several times for it to be resent, i still have not received anything! It is not in any other folders, i even tried a different email and still nothing!


Please help me out

Cannot even access support as i am not even a memeber yet!

Hi Paolo,


I checked and on our end it registers that the verification email has been delivered to the address you currently have set with your account. Could you please check if emails from Upwork aren't been blocked or filtered out of your inbox? You can then try resending the email.

~ Valeria



I was trying to sign up to the upwork, but verificaiton email not delivered.

I tried resend verification email, though didn't work.


Even tried with another email.


Is there any problem?