Very concerned. I try again and again

Made another post more complex about the profile on upwork but no one responded so I will try now to address only this issue.

Can someone please tell me the factors that made my JSS drop 13% on the last update?
I had no contract ending in that period just new milestones and hours tracked so a public or not public feedback can`t be the case.
All but one of my contracts are in the last  6 months so a different time window can`t be much of a factor.
So please someone tell me what have I done so wrong that I got a -13%
This is so concerning for me. 81% is not that bad but what if I get another -10% on the next update. What can I do?

No one knows all the factors that go into the JSS score. The best thing for you to do now is just concentrate and delivering great results to clients and it will come back up. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Vlad,


It looks like you had a few jobs that ended more than 6 months ago. Therefore, the better of your 6-month and 12-month scores will be displayed on your profile and if a good feedback falls off a calculation, it may cause a drop in your score. We won't be able to share which contract in particular affected your score in what way, but you can check out this help article to learn about all the factors that go into the calculation.

~ Valeria