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Video Verification....

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If you're going to place accounts on hold for video's probably a good idea to make sure your CS knows how to go through the process?



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Community Manager

Kat and Amy,


It looks like both of you have already completed the verification and your accounts are resumed. Sorry if you ran into any issue.

~ Valeria

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I just got the same email. And I am still waiting to chat with someone. This isn't making me feel very confident.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Kat and Amy,


It looks like both of you have already completed the verification and your accounts are resumed. Sorry if you ran into any issue.

~ Valeria

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Thanks, Valeria!


It was just a bit frustrating as it interrupted a client communication -- so I was, admittedly, a bit cranky haha!


But, yes, it finally went through.


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I'll be honest, this really worries me.  I do not typically get email from Upwork so what if they want to do a video verification and I never get the email requesting this?


Imma get suspended Smiley Sad



No need to worry. Freelancers don't get suspended because of video verification anymore. Only the ability to send proposals is temporarily limited.


You get emails about support tickets updates, don't you? Please, let me know if you don't receive those to the email address you registered with Upwork.

~ Valeria

Well, that's a relief!


The email receipt issue is a little strange.  Bulk mail I never get (the holiday greeting this year, announcements, etc.). I probably get 1/3 of the support ticket responses that I'm expecting, so that's a little better.


However, if I get a direct email from an individual from Upwork, those come through fine.

I've been alerted that I can't submit proposals without video verification, and yet I can't get anyone to connect with me on chat. I called support, who told me that I need to deal with chat to complete the process.



Hi Ken,


I see the team followed up with you and offered you a solution. Please, refer to the most recent message in the ticket.


Thank you.

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria K and hi everyone!


Yesterday, I received a message on video verification (on Upwork), but I never got any email (or ticket) with further instructions. In fact, I never get any emails from Upwork. Anyway, I wanted to know what I'd need for this video chat in order to verify my identity. I have scans of my ID, my degree, work certificates. I don't know if I'll be asked to show scans of tax bills with my name on them, scans of my Payoneer debit card, etc. I mean, I don't want to start the video chat just to find that I don't have certain documents,  that I don't meet the requirements. I don't want to make anyone waste their time.


Kind regards and remain, Smiley Happy



Hi Carolina,


Could you please confirm you're checking your Upwork-related email, and the notifications are not in your spam or junk folder?


You can also access the notification from your Help Center page > My Requests or use this link. Please let me know if you were able to access the ticket and verify your profile by following the instructions our agent shared yesterday.


I just did the video chat yesterday.  You don't need anything, they just want to see a smiling face to prove you're not a robot or something.  Easy as pie. 

Hello everyone,

my account is currently on hold as well. What bothers me is that is the second time I have to go through the video verification project? Why is that?

The first verification was completed a few months ago yet here we are again.

I've tried to contact the help desk but they've only apologized for the inconvenient. I'd really like to hear an explanation because I'm perfectly fine with a one-time verification... but two times in a single year? Unnerving to say the least.

And I've also found out that my webcam doesn't work, so I really don't know what to do.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Good morning everyone

They sent me something about video verification 

I entered and the bot connected me to an agent when I taked to him I told him  I had an issue when changing my profie photo after that the agent left immediately 

I tried to enter again but the bot was unable to connect me to an agent 


Hi Yacine,


I shared your issue with the rest of our team and one of our agents already reached out to you directly via a support ticket to assist you further.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

Hi Valeria,


I am new to upwork and have been asked to verify my accoungt. However the vdeo verification is not working.. Please help

Hi Nittya,


Could you please try to use Mozilla Firefox and try to initiate the video chat? If the issue persists, please let us know. 

~ Joanne


That's interesting!
When does Upwork ask users to take a Video Verification?
I have heard this for the first time. And I didn't get such email from Upwork yet.
I will have to do it sooner or later?


Hi David, 

The video-chat verification is something that the team is gradually rolling out to more freelancers. You will have to complete it once you get notified but I am not sure as to the timing of when it should happen. 

~ Avery

Dear Team,


I have two issues below, 


1. at login -> it shows, Financial transactions for Tejas **Edited for Community Guidelines**(17378305) have been limited

2. while bidding, -> it shows, video verification is pending 


Due to above error, i'm unable to bid from my profile. 


I request to arrange video verification.



Tejas Parmar

Agency Name : Softices  

Hi Tejas,

Please refer to the detailed instructions shared with you on your ticket on how to complete this short process. You can access your tickets on this Link, thank you!

~ Goran