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Video Verification....

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Dasha,


Could you please clear your cache and cookies or try using a different browser to access this page. I tried replicating the issue you are having and wasn't able to. The button should appear at the bottom of the page:



~ Valeria
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Amanda F Member Since: Aug 8, 2015
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I just got this as well and I have to give kudos to upworks for doing these to ensure our profiles are safe. the video agent was very nice and just wanted to see that I was myself Smiley Happy It's a pretty good idea. I can see how it could catch people off guard, I was when I saw it, but when I jumped on the phone it didn't take much to finish the process, just putting my camera and and them seeing it was me. 

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Dasha A Member Since: Mar 27, 2017
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I cleaned the cache and cookies on the advice and came from another browser. Thanks, my problem was solved.

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Arpad L Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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I also got the email about the verification process. While I'm glad to see upwork tries to do something about the security, it really bothers (pisses) me that I'm being handled like a fraud or scammer and it seems I need to prove myself I'm not one. I have been working on upwork for more than 10 years, I have verificated myself with various methods already, eg cards, etc.


Now my financial transactions has been limited until I do not finish the verification? The best part is that: "For the protection and safety of your account we have placed a temporary hold on your account funds."

Really? Then maybe you should implement MFA if you really worries about the security of our accounts.


Or maybe you should automatically remove real names from feedbacks. It is against the policy, yet, I have been contacted by scammers ourside of upwork by googling my real name and the name of the company I have been working with. They even contacted my boss there. That was possible because few clients left my real name in the feedbacks...


and "If you do not pass the profile verification chat successfully, we may have to reverse the funds from your open contracts back to the clients."


Right... How about getting back the refund I have been waiting for years from a freelancer I hired instead? It is still pending...


This whole verification process should result some kind of reward or badge if the freelancer does it, so they would do it happily. But there should not be a time limit or not few days at least. Punishing people because they do not have time or because they are offline or just thinks the whole video verification process is futile is not a good thing to do. You know if you do that it will look like you do not really care about them.


I do not actually mind if you use some kind of limitation, but it should not interrupt the normal, daily workflow. Eg limit the amount of jobs we could apply, put a label on our profile which says unverified, whatever. But not letting us to get the money we worked for is just wrong.



"Interestingly" my client account also has been limited. It seems they still could not manage to separate the two accounts financially. Of course that connection only exists when they are limiting their functionanlity. Moving money between them is not possible.


To be clear: I'm not against of any kind of verification, but I strongly dislike the way it is being conducted on upwork.

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Thanks for sharing your feedback about the verification process, Arpad. Our intention is certainly not to make honest freelancers feel like they are considered to be fraudulent. On the contrary, we are planing to verify all freelancer accounts to increase trust on the marketplace which should as a result increase chances for honest freelancer to be hired. 


If private information was shared in a feedback comment, please contact customer support with more details and they'll help you correct that.

~ Valeria
Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Husam,


You can use this link to verify your profile.

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Derek L Member Since: Jul 28, 2017
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May I do video verification call using this link?
Is this link only for Husam?

It seems that it allow to me using this link for my video verification call. Right?

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Derek, 

It looks like you don't need to verify your identity at the moment. If there's a need for you to verify your account the team will notify you via email.

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Rakib B Member Since: Jan 16, 2017
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How to ceate  identity verification video call?

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Katrina B Member Since: Jan 9, 2011
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Upwork will notify you if you need video verification which will probably happen soon since you copied your overview from a business card company on Pinterest. 

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