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Video link from YouTube channel to my intro that contains contact info in about section of channel

Hi Support,

Hope you are doing well. I have seen many reputated freelancer using youtube video link to their intro section. I have seen that, the channel of the shared video contains contact information in channel banner as well as there is social icons also. The video itself does not contain any contact information but the channel has. 


I have checked the conditions of the video to be shared. There are just 3 topic to be focused. No ads, Adhere to terms and services.  Terms of service again contains there should be no contact information in any means. So my question is why many reputated freelancer uses that link and do not even getting any warning. I am asking can I do the same? or is that a problem?


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Look there is social icons as well as email. Even some youtube channel of reputed top rated and top rated plus freelancer doing the same. They has the same thing as mine.


Just to confirm can I use video link from such channel? Making sure there will be no contact information inside the video itself.





Hi Md,


Sharing contact information on your profile is against our Terms of Service. If you see this kind of activity on the platform please be sure to report it.



Hi Andrea,

I am sorry but you are replying like robot. Can you please read my statement again and tell me for the specific case of sharing video url from youtube? If they visit youtube they definitely get channel information. Then why you keep such option for adding youtube video?


Should we create dummy channel and then put the url there?


There is no clear guideline for youtube video link in profile intro video. Please focus on the line youtube intro video in profile


Hi Md.,


In general, any link that would contain contact information is not allowed. Our team actively reviews freelancer accounts and part of the review is checking the links to their videos. 


As Andrea mentioned, you can report these instances to our team for investigation.

~ AJ
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