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View Work Diary of Closed Contract

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Michael S wrote:

Petra, I hoped for corroborative.., i.e., where I can find specific documentation.  Given your tenure on Upwork and guru status, I hoped you could direct me.   

So somehow I am obliged to spend my time doing the searching for you? Valeria recently confirmed it. If you want to tredge through the last 100 or 200 of her posts, be my guest.


When I have half a dozen inactive contracts and 100% JSS, they can't be doing me any harm.


When I look at profiles with literally DOZENS of inactive contracts and 100 % JSS, they can't be doing them any harm. I am currently looking at one with nearly 40 open but inactive for months to years contracts, but a 100% JSS.


Usually a dropped JSS, in absence of any "nothing paid" (open for months, or closed) contracts, is due to private feedback. My private feedback average hovers between 97 and 98 percent. What is yours? I would bet it is far closer to your JSS.


Michael S wrote:

I also feel negative private feedback should not only be shared with the freelancer,

it wouldn't be very private then, would it?


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Michael S Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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I'll let my prior reply and comments stand on their own merit.