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Viewd and Hired stats lower than it should be

Hi, I have what I belive is a good upwork profile in my field, 100% success rate, good profit.

But still my stats are pretty low.

Can i get an advice or a tip on how to deal with that?


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Up your rate (nobody believes that high quality translations come at $10 an hour) and change your profile picture to something more friendly looking. The "dark and menacing, sulky look" is fine for Facebook, not Upwork... I would hazard a guess that this has something to do with the low profile views.


The fact that you get interviewed so much but hired relatively rarely (compared to the interviews) would indicate that clients who interview you find something that makes you lower in their list. Think about how you approach the interview process. How quickly do you respond and do you steer the conversation well?

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I think Petra is right about your hourly rate. You've already earned triple that, why suddenly go lowballing?

It looks a bit strange and to be honest some might read it as desperate.

If you raised your rates earlier with care, you should have found the sweet spot by now, I think.

Don't go cheap now. 😉

Thanks for the good advice! 

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