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Visibility in freelancer lists



Maybe somebody can help.


I was wondering if private feedback clients leave for oDesk when they close the contract affects the visibility in the lists when someone is searching for freelancers.


Filtering by my country I used to be the 4th when searching for Design & Multimedia / Video Production  and the 1st when seaching by After Effects test After one client closed the contract, I'm not there anymore, actually I am way, way bellow.


This client  left a 5 star feedback on my profile and nothing else happen that could take my profile down in the lists.


What do you think?


Thank you,

Razvan Stacescu



Of course private feedback matters in rankings, as do other factors. Plus, oDesk shuffles result lists, giving different contractors a turn to be in top results. Plus, oDesk, is constantly altering its search algorithms, so your ranking can change even if nothing about you changes.

Most probably, which is totally unfair because people could leave such invisible feedbacks due to their bad mood, viciousness, or else like that. 


Actually, I had one guy year ago who gave me a rate three of five, and when I asked why he explained he thought it was private, non-public feedback, and then how I did well job, he was unsure what he wants, and he will change that rate. Totally unpleasant experience.


Anyway, I'm not even on 5th or 8th page. I'm soooo far in results, even when I turn many filters. Funny thing is that in front of me are people who don't work with presentations that much, or don't even have key words like "presentation", "powerpoint" in their skills list, or none of presentation samples in portfolio. 


Well.. I'm sure clients rarely visit pages 3, 4, n...

I'm surprised I get invites - ever. 

Don't correct my grammar!

Thank you very much guys for the quick answer,