Voice Over fees

How much do I charge and hour as an entry level voice over talent?


@ Ann:  That's totally up to you.  You can "Browse Freelancers by Category-Design and Creative-Voice Talent" to research what 63,000 + on the Upwork platform within this category are charging.  I could have provided you with the link but believe it's in your best interest to research and learn to do these things yourself.  Best of luck to you!

Ann --


This is truly not a facetious answer:  You charge what the market will bear and what your particular talents (and studio equipment) can command.


Good luck to you!

Just out of curiosity...


If you're a beginning voice over artist, why does your education list 2 years working in the voice over industry? Do you have some voice over experience (yes, I understand that two years can be considered to still be in the beginner category)?


Also, I highly recommend you also add samples to your profile. 


Good luck to you!