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W-8BEN Argentina

hello, I would like to know how W-8BEN works. Im from Argentina and im not sure what it is, Im 21, student, I live with my parents and I don't have a job. Is necessary to fil the W-8BEN form? I am able to do it? or isn't possible?

thank you.



Hi Sol,


The Form W-8BEN is a form used to confirm you’re not a U.S. taxpayer and that Upwork is not required to withhold taxes from your earnings. To complete the form, please go to Settings  Tax Information and provide us with your legal name and address. Thank you!

~ Joanne

Hi! I am in a similiar situation. I am from Argentina, and i am not sure in "Legal Name of Business" what should i put because i am working as a freelancer. Thank you!

Hi Ines,


Feel free to add your full legal name and fill out the rest of the information. Once you`re ready you can submit your form, thank you.

~ Goran

Hello, Joanne. I had a client, he wanted me to do many things, I did the work for him and he didn't pay me, and also he is posting all my work on his social media. I don't know what i can do. Also, i saw many posts on his instagram that arent mine, but i'm sure he asked to other freelancers to do it, and i don't think he paid them either. Please, I need help, I spent many hours working for him. 
thank you!

Hi Sol Donatella,


Could you please click on my name and send me a PM with more information about your report and the client you're referring to? I'll check that for you and assist you accordingly.


Thank you.

~ Bojan

Hello, it's long time since this post, but I have a question about this. What do I have to write in

W-8BEN --> Legal Name of Taxpayer?  I guess is my full name, but I'm not sure.

Attached is the screen of the form I'm asking.

Also, I'm from Argentina too :).



Hi Pablo,


Yes, that should be your full name. You may want to check out this help article for more information on how to fill out the form. 

~ Luiggi
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