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WARNING: My debit card number was stolen via Upwork and used fraudulently

My entire bank account is now in limbo and frozen, because almost immediately after signing up for Upwork (within 24 hours, and I hadn't used my card anywhere else except the grocery store in town, where I've been shopping forever without problems), fraudulent charges started showing up on my card.  I've filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and Upwork is currently under investigation.  BE WARNED!

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If you have an issue, then you need to deal with the issue. Upwork takes fraud very seriously and will do everything they can to get to the bottom of this and help you out.


But you need to work with them. Saying you're going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau accomplishes nothing. What is the BBB going to do? It's just one more complaint among hundreds already leveled against a company that the BBB is very aware of and regards highly.

And when I say "highly," I mean that the BBB currently gives Upwork an A+ rating.


Upwork is concerned about the security of its processes and the satisfaction of its customers.


One doesn't need to invoke the BBB in order work with them to resolve questions about fraud, security, etc.

Actually I've been wanting to ask about this but I'm unsure because I'm not very familiar with the BBB and what they actually do.


I've checked, and I can't find the A rating. I can only see this not-rated entry about Upwork: https://www.bbb.org/search?find_country=USA&find_text=upwork&page=1&sort=Relevance


Is that the correct BBB?


About the BBB itself. I've mentioned about "legitimate business websites that still asks for credit card info including the CVV  in plain text email form"  which I'm certain failed to comply to a number of PCI Compliance items, but they're rated A in the BBB (I know this from another forum and can find the websites if needed).

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What kind of antivirus and malware programs are you using?


Almost always, this is due to a security problem on the user side, not the vendor.  I'd do full scans to make sure you don't have something wonky on your system.


Not being accusatory; that's just been my experience.

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@Jack E wrote:

....I hadn't used my card anywhere else except the grocery store in town, where I've been shopping forever without problems....



Substitute "corner pizzeria" for "grocery store," and you've exactly described the apparent point of attack (one of many over the years) on one of my debit cards. Retail has high turnover. Think: departing disgruntled employee. Think: person who brushed past you and read your card via RFID from inside your pocket and wallet (also happened to me). Think: using banking services on a wireless connection (may have happened to me—not sure).


By all means do as has been suggested and follow up with Upwork and check your computer. You really can't rule out any possibility. If the fraudulent charges, withdrawals, or attempts were relatively local, chances are the theft was, too.




And it's not just poor, departing, disgruntled employees. The only 2 times a card has been compromised for me were after dining at the same high-end eatery in Beverly Hills a year apart. And trust me, I rarely dine at high-end Beverly Hills eateries. After the second time, I called their manager and was given a gift certificate to come back, He didn't say so or admit fault, but I definitely got the impression that I was not the first person to call him about something like this.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jack, I see that the only charge on your account was for a Membership. We'll have a member of our team follow up with your about your concern and check it further. Thank you.
~ Valeria


Maybe you can help me.  

I've never had an account with you guys until now so I can get answers.  My business debit card was fraudulently charged on April 20th for over 1800.  We have never worked with upwork or had any association with your company before.
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It's almost normal to see stolen cards being used here lately, they're used to scam the freelancers.


They use your card so they looked like legitimate client who can pay deposits (or do "actual" pay before you file a chargeback), and do some tricky scheme to get quick cash from the freelancers.

Hi Rachel,


I'm sorry to hear about what happened. I see that you have an open ticket with our team. I reached out to them to follow up on your case. You may provide all the necessary details to the agent who will assist you in resolving this by responding at anytime to this ticket. Additionally, you may contact your bank to report what happened so they can assist you in safeguarding your account moving forward.

~ AJ
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Seriously? Just because you've been going to the same store for years means you won't get scammed there? Come on, how much do you think the cashiers are paid and do you know all of them personally? Retail has such a high turnover and as mentioned above, is one of the primary points of identity scams.


If what you're saying true and I have no reason to believe so, then you're the first person that I've heard had that happen to him on this platform.

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