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WARNING: Phishing Scam

I was recently the victim of a phishing scam! Beware if you see any of the people I've listed in the subject line above, or if you notice a job posting like the one in the attachments!


Stay safe Freelancers!



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Wanted to add a snippet of the end of our conversation when I confronted the Phisher.


I have further screenshots and E-mails if you are interested in knowing more!

Hi Wes,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience. You can report any suspicious or inappropriate job posts to us by clicking on the flagging option found on every job posts. This sends a notification directly to Upwork allowing our team to review and take appropriate actions. Please check also check out tips to avoid questionable jobs. I'll also share this with the team so that they can investigate further. If you'd like to share more information, please click on my name to send me a PM. Thank you!

~ Joanne
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