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Want to Hide the Full Page Ad for Specialized Profiles on your Profile?

Ace Contributor
Jordon B Member Since: Jun 16, 2015
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Highly suggest if you have a problem with this feature and aren't happy with the response in fixing the issues with it, delete your specialized profiles and just use an ad blocker to hide their full page ad for them on your profile.

I just removed my specialized profiles as it made it almost impossible to use the keyword combinations (that are perfectly valid for what im doing) I wanted without their 'review' process.  I had kept trying to add a portfolio item to my general profile as they didn't apply to my two specialized profiles and they've basically made it all but impossible to do, it's clear they plan on transitioning away from the general profile, and so far the implementation of it has been terrible. 

Ace Contributor
Jordon B Member Since: Jun 16, 2015
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I would also suggest taking the time to put in a seperate ticket to complain about this feature, make it clear that this feature is bad and have it hit 'em where they'll notice with the uptick in support requests.

Community Leader
Tom Z Member Since: Jul 10, 2016
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I recently gave in to this specialized profile thing - It definitely didn't help with any proposals. What's terrible for you?

Ace Contributor
Jordon B Member Since: Jun 16, 2015
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It's just not implemented well.  They limit you to two specialized profiles then are making it hard to have a general profile.  Guess what, I specialize in more than 2 things. By forcing me into these two specific boxes I have to then make a decision what key words I want to target out of what I can do, which means deciding between keywords that are correct and keywords the average person might use that aren't.  Further, when you specialize in something, it doesn't mean you suddenly lose the ability to do general things under that skill, and they're forcing you to select a specialized profile for your portfolio items... when this job has absolutely nothing to do with either of those specialized profiles.  So now I need a specialized profile just for general things that don't fall under either specialization.


It's really just all around terrible and doesn't seem like they consulted any freelancers on it.