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Want to Public my Upwork Earning -

A year ago, I have upgraded to Freelancer plus membership and activated the private earning option.

But a few months ago, I have changed my membership plan to basic which is free and does not have a private earning option. 

But In the basic plan, my earnings are still private. I want to show those earnings to the clients.

Can anyone please help me here?

Thanks in advance.


Atif Sadiq


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Atif, 

I checked your profile and I can see that your earnings for each contract are listed in your profile. Are you seeing any contracts where the earnings are missing? Could you please try clearing your browser's cookies or using a different browser to see if the issue persists?

~ Avery

Hi Avery, Thanks for your reply. 

Here is the pic attached, when I access my account with another browser. (without login in )

Please take a look.


Atif Sadiq

Atif S wrote:

Here is the pic attached, when I access my account with another browser.

People who are not logged into their Upwork account can't see anybody's earnings. This is by design and the same for everyone.

As soon as the client logs into their Upwork account, they can see the earnings.


This means, It's not public to everyone, they need to log in from their account to see the earnings.

Thanks for replying Petra. 


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Is it possible to make a profile public to everyone? For example, if I share a link to my profile with a client who is not registered on Upwork.


Currently, the profile page accessed through a link shows only a couple of feedbacks and "private earnings".


Thanks and regards,


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