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Want to scrutinize my JSS as I disagree with your explanation

I received this email from upwork today:


Your JSS is updated every two weeks, and it’s important to note any movement in this score (either up or down) reflects both recent activity and activity over a longer period of time.

Because we look at trends over a 24-month period, you can see your score change, even without recently closed contracts, due to past jobs slipping out of the 24-month window. Drops in score also can be due to poor public or private feedback or other indicators of client satisfaction, such as jobs that end without payment or feedback, open jobs without earnings, or refunds and disputes.

With regards to your score, this is what we are seeing currently:

- Of your contracts with feedback, you received **Edited for Community Guidelines**

- **Edited for Community Guidelines**

- Your Job Success Score calculated over**Edited for Community Guidelines** We give you your highest score. 

- Remember that even if you have no recent work completed, your score can change if good or poor outcomes fall out of your best score window, or if jobs started months ago mature to become long-term relationships or remain with no earnings and no feedback for multiple months. 

- The area of improvement most cited by your clients is: **Edited for Community Guidelines**



How can a JSS calcualte for 2 years? it should be for past two weeks


Need details of this:

-**Edited for Community Guidelines**


Need details of this as well:

**Edited for Community Guidelines**



Why my last 4 contracts were not included in current JSS?



I need explanation not observations please!!!!

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You had answers on your many other posts.

What makes you think your last 4 contracts were not included?


@Fasih K wrote:

- Your Job Success Score calculated over 2 years is 91%, over 1 year is 77%, over 6 months is 58% and more recent is 56. We give you your highest score. 

 Wow, you're getting worse....


As more and more of the "good outcomes" fall out of your 2 year rolling window, now is the time to change things or it will keep dropping and dropping....


Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Fasih,

Unfortunately we can`t share more details about your Job Success Score. 
Job success score is updated every second Sunday, all new contracts are included in the calculation once your JSS has been updated.

You can focus on finishing smaller fixed price contract successfully, they will be included in your calculation  little bit faster.

~ Goran
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I know it is completely out of topic, but is there an easy way to get such information withiut causing any trouble to Upwork? This would be helpful for me to identify my problems.
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