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Want to separate my freelancing account and my client account

I now currently have 2 accounts - one as a freelancer and one as a client. I would like to close my freelancer one and create with a new account as multiple users use the account I currently have. Please help, Thank You. 

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There are allowable ways that you can have multiple users collaborate as clients. For example, you can delegate hiring authority to other users. You can create shared rooms wherein different users meet tougher using the Upwork Messages tool. Etc.


But you are not allowed to close your freelancer account and create a new freelancer account.


Also, allowing other people to log into or otherwise use your Upwork account is a serious ToS violation.

What about if it's a business upwork account and there's a couple of people
who use it to upload jobs and comb through the potential candidates.

Is there a way I can only access the freelancer account and the other users
can only access the client accounts?
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Community Manager

Hi Ruheth,


It's important that you don't share your login credentials with anybody and don't log into other users' accounts as it's a serious violation of Upwork TOS.


You can edit your client account to represent the company you're working for and not as an individual. Check these helpful articles to find out how to Build and Manage Teams on the client account. You can be a client and a freelancer using the same account. 


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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