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Warning! Scam???

I am sorry if this post infrict the law of odesk...but I think that there is a Job Post that is a scam... I am talking about this one.. **edited for Community Guidelines**


Why do I say that? This "person" offered many jobs alike.. with a very high and uncommon price but under the condition to do some jobs "AS A SAMPLE".. 


The problem comes when you browse and there are many other posts similar to it but with different "SAMPLES"... 


When I see the number of HIRES it says..0... I have already send my "sample" and I was not chosen... Perhaps I am not the kind of freelancer she is looking for...ok... But, what happened with the other ones?? Are we all working for free???


Definitly, I would ask Odesk to investigate this user to keep clean the platform and keep the trust in other clients...





First question i have is when did odesk start allowing job posts not in English


It could very well be a scam if they are asking for tons of samples.


Free sample is not against the rules, watermark if image.

Or something off topic to submit if writting.


Should be paid for.


Old forum odesk replied that free samples were not against the rules.


I sure miss that old forum.

Lot easier to find and reference past topic when answering questions.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for reporting Fernando. I will definitely follow up with our Team about this job posting and it will be reviewed.

I had to remove the link to the job posting since it is not allowed by oDesk Community Guidelines

~ Valeria

As Fernando no doubt realizes by now, this was definitely a scam and the job poster was getting free work done under the guise of asking for samples. I agree with what others said that applicants should never provide free work to clients. Provide something that you have already done that demonstrates the techniques but which is not something they can use for themselves.