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Warning of Scam for Admin Assistant Role / from Austin Stevens

This is a suspicious post -Warning of Scam on **Edited for Community Guidelines**

They asked me to reach out to **Edited for Community Guidelines** at a Gmail account and in the job description, it says**Edited for Community Guidelines** wrote back to me through Gmail, she said to look at the website which is a high corporation **Edited for Community Guidelines**. When I looked up **Edited for Community Guidelines**, it says she was taken out of the HR role back in October and **Edited for Community Guidelines**, but she has a very different title. It just all seems very misaligned and they are scheduling many interviews, I don't want anyone to get scammed from this. 

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Hi Jessi,


Thanks for the flag. I'll forward the job and the information you've provided to the team for a review and they'll take action if a violation is confirmed.

~ Valeria
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