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Wasting Time

Hi everyone. Is it normal here for jobs to be the same as each other, word for word, apart from one word?! Also they say when they're posted and it's clearly nonsense. Then they say they've had less than 5 proposals, so you make a proposal and it suddenly says there are over 20. Or people post adverts and then aren't even online for weeks? Is it just a waste of time being here and a total scam to buy connects for jobs that were never existent? 

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Upwork happy with connects wasting so didnt delete it. But goals is other. This is scammers, asking to "work" outside. Them collecting greedy newbies info via Telegram, Skype, etc, promising lot of money then asking for insurance or other payment from freelancer. One payment, one else... a while scammed one payd. Then gone. Simple and stupid trick but it works.

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Sure, there are scammers here and there people who fall for such scams.


But Upwork is not a scam and there is a good potential to make good money here. You just have to be careful make yourself aware of common scams and stay away from such scams. Read the forum...


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