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Wasting connects on MISLEADING ads

Now that we have to pay for connects, I find it disgusting that many (let’s call them) employers are falsely advertising their jobs.

For example:


Only when you apply and they get back to you, it’s actually for 100 1000 word articles at $5 each. Do you think I would have wasted my money to apply to such an insulting ad?

Why do we have to jump through hoops to answer their “what job have you had that is most similar to this one?” questions for example, when they don’t have the decency to be upfront in their ad about what they are looking for? I can’t count how many times this has happened recently. It is such a waste of time (as I tailor all my applications to each job) and also a waste of money.

How can we make Upwork proof the ads that are going in to stop this from happening? I guess it’s going in the right direction with the refund if the client doesn’t hire option, but I think more should be done to prevent misleading ads.

Who agrees?
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Maria P wrote:

How can we make Upwork proof the ads that are going in to stop this from happening? 

By offering to pay 40% fees and $ 2 per connect to cover the staff needed to do that?

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Well Maria, to some extent you can judge whether the proposal is genuine or not by looking at the rating they have got in the 'about the clients' column and by browsing through the history of jobs in progress or completed ones. And by going through the feedback other freelancers have given and remuneration they got for the job.

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