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Watch for the non communicative company.

This is hot off the press for fellow translators.

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I did the translation work for this company, apparently located in Australia via oDesk. This company set the maximum working hours per week for 8.  The whole time, he didn't come across as a jerk, he came across as nothing.  It was like talking to the wall.  Any concerns didn't get answered or explained.  No explanation from the editor or proofreader.  It didn't matter if I offered to do revision should his proofreader disliked the work.  He just went ahead and gave me bad scores with zero explanation.
I am here so that he can have the taste of his own medicine that businesses with referral and people must work together to achieve certain goals. If not, everyone loses.




Unfortunately the name will soon be removed by a moderator as it violates the terms of service, but I understand your frustration.


Odesk should investigate this and rectify the siuation so that you do not suffer.


Odesk? Will you be helping this person?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Apanda,


I am sorry to hear you had a negative experience with a client. I would recommend you contact Customer Support. You can provide evidence you have for the Team to review and take appropriate actions.


~ Valeria