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Watch out for these type of scammers PLEASE

Recently three clients have reached out to me.
One was a lead from Facebook who claimed that He wanted me to work on his marketing project.
The other two sent me an offer via Upwork, also claiming that they required my services.

What's suspicious though, is that they are willing to pay a lot of money but they withhold a lot of details concerning the project.
They also insist that you give them your email (I did)
They then sent me a zip file, that supposedly held the details about the project to me via email.
I made the mistake of trying to extract one, and immediately my computer went haywire!!!
I got dozens of Trojan notifications and It was almost impossible for me to cancel the extraction process. But after hours of trying I was finally able to reverse the process.
Turns out, they wanted to control my computer remotely, by tricking me into installing some malicious program, that would grant them access to my computer and personal details including payment details.
They would have screwed me up big time for sure. TAKE CARE GUYS. If you get an offer suddenly, without sending any proposals, make sure you handle it with utmost care.

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Your first mistake was eml sharing without contract. It is rules violation. Nothing care about if you will stop at this step.

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Hi Elvis! 


I'll try to help by posting some ideas that I acquired from my experience working 13 years at Upwork (previously Elance). Upwork has changed, there are fewer invitations and fewer jobs, a lot of new freelancers, more connects required to apply, a lot of SCAMMERS, and even when you flag them, Upwork is not helping.


It seems that Upwork is doing its business selling connects, that's why there are jobs that require 16 connects and they allow people to boost their bids with 50 connects or more (especially the new freelancers), and they keep the scam jobs until people post their bids…using connects, of course.


Some suggestions to find real jobs and avoid scammers:

  • Don't search jobs only directly at “Find Work”. Go to the “Search for job” space to apply “Filters”.
  • One of them is “Payment verified” (although today there are scammers with payment verified and Upwork is not checking it, it could help).
  • Other Filter is “Client history”. Check if he posted other jobs, if he hired other freelancers, feedbacks, etc.   
  • Check the Date since the client is a member. Usually the scammers are members from the same day they post their jobs, and they didn't hire anyone. 
  • DON'T BID for jobs that ask for +20, +40 languages translation, or they publish a list of 15 languages, or invitations too good to be true, even when they have their payment verified. They verify their payment from different countries every day. 
  • APPLY TO JOBS THAT FIT YOUR SKILLS. Don't apply to 100 jobs, wasting connects and money.
  • ALWAYS CHECK THE CLIENT'S PROFILE before sending a proposal, even when it fits my skills.  
  • DON'T APPLY and don't contact if they publish a link (telegram, mail, skype, etc.) outside Upwork.  
  • DON'T start working or deliver any work if the contract didn't start for Upwork, and until the client has his payment verified and/or the money funded (specially if it's your first work with this client). 
  • DON'T BOOST YOUR BIDS. If you do it, you are paying to Upwork for finding a job instead of earning money from your work. Serious clients will find the best options according to your skills and not according to the amount of bids you use.  
  • I suggest not paying for a membership. Just use the 10 connects they give you for free and buy 10 more ($1.5) ONLY when you find a good job for you. 
  • I suggest your Profile to be visible to Upwork members and not Public outside Upwork. This way you avoid people outside Upwork (for example, scammers) to find you and enter for posting a job or inviting you. 


Maybe if Upwork will not earn extra-money from us, will decide to control the platform and check the clients before they post jobs. I'd like Upwork to rate the clients. For example, if a client posted 10 jobs and didn't hire anyone, or they didn't read the proposals, and, of course, if they are scammers, it's time to delete them and avoiding them to post new jobs. 

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