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Way to report about fake job-posting

Hello everyone,


I've meet with a fake job posting: a person has post he need a developer.

Later he has contacted me as for interview privately and proposed me other things, not about development at all.


I've tried to find a way to report, but I can't.

After I've made a proposal, I can't flag a job-post as wrong/restricted.


How to contact with support-team?

Community Member

You can still flag a job after submitting a proposal. Just go back to the proposal page of that job. Near the top you will see a link to "view job posting".

Click it and you'll be forwarded back to the original job posting.

Hello Jeff,


Thank you for response.


Probably it's because of I've sent a proposal and/or the "client" has declined it.

But there in Original posting no usual "Flag as inappropriate" link.

Hi Alexander, 

Please send me a private message with the job post title in question so that I can check this. Thank you!

~ Avery

Hello Avery,


Thank you, I'll message you.

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