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We are unable to authorize your card. Please add another billing method or contact your issuing bank

I have been trying since yesterday and the same error persists. please help me in this regard.





Hi Tamseel,


I checked and it looks like the charge on your credit card keeps getting declined. Please make sure your card is set up to make international payments and has sufficient funds on it to complete the funding.

Please contact your card-issuing bank to confirm if they allow recurring transactions on your debit cards as Upwork payments are classified as ‘recurring’.


~ Nikola

Hey, so I called in my bank to open my card for international payments and it has sufficient funds as well but still not getting accepted. Why is this happening? 


I have no other bank account to add into upwork. 

Also, for billing and payments can I add someone else's card? 

Hi Tamseel,


Thank you for your message. You should be able to use other cards as long as you are one of the owners or signers of the bank account, or are authorized to use it. If any additional documentation is needed in order to verify the bank account or card you're planning to add, our team will reach out and assist you directly.


Thank you.


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