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We need a new thread for cheap/ bizarre jobs.

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Marcia M Member Since: Apr 3, 2013
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Don't know what happened to the threads in the old forum.


This was under technical writing:


We are looking for a formula for a bone cement to use with a titanium implant formulation must be accepted by body.


Budget $30.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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In deference to the client who posted this, I should point out that they are looking for "a formula," which is what they are willing to pay $30.00 for.


They did not specify that the formula would be correct or work. For a quick $30 I may apply and give them my grandmother's chicken soup recipe.


I can assure you (and I will assure them) that my body definitely accepts that formulation.

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Dianne M Member Since: Jul 25, 2013
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At present time, we don't need a new thread for odd jobs...just a quick look at the job feed and voila! It's right there!


what we need is a thread for REAL sane jobs...those are so rare these days they deserve a thread of their own Smiley Tongue

❄❄❄ Just A Forum Contributor --- This isn't against forum guidelines ❄❄❄
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Garnor M Community Manager Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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Hi Marcia,

Please also keep in mind that, per our Community Guidelines, we ask that you don't post specific content from jobs here on the public forums. Please avoid doing so in the future. 



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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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I got two PMs from an oDesk moderator advising me that I'd had posts edited because linked to  jobs, when I absolutely hadn't - I had pasted the text from a job posting. It is absolutely not the same thing.


You said


"per our Community Guidelines, we ask that you don't post specific content from jobs here on the public forums"


Could you please advise which part of the guidelines this refers to. The only part I can vaguely relate to is part 4, which says


"Including names of persons or companies (or other identifying information) in an accusation of misconduct, incompetence or other wrongdoing."


Well, if it's that, can you please tell me how someone can identify a client from their job post, even if someone was to search it out by Googling it...


And if it's not, what is it then?


And could you then suggest how users might have a useful constructive discussion about good and bad job postings without doing a bit of copying and pasting here and there. Because it seems to me this is another one-sided interpretation of the rules, which to be honest is getting quite hard to keep up with.


Oh, and Happy New Year by the way   Smiley Happy


BTW, the messages had a little icon saying "mod" next to the name. So oDesk obviously has the technology to accomplish that feat - could it please be extended into the forums?

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Marcia M Member Since: Apr 3, 2013
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So that was why the old, very long threads were deleted.
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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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I just saw a job posted by a client some time today which is vague and hard to understand. Has anyone else experienced the same kind of thing?

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Have any of us seen jobs posted by clients - jobs which are vague and difficult to understand?


Of course. We have all seen that.


I don't have a problem with that at all. I don't mind.


There are lots of jobs posted on oDesk and there are lots of contractors. If you're not interested in a job posting, don't apply.


There are some clients who post vague, confusing jobs because they're not sure what they need. They don't know what they're doing on oDesk. But that's fine. I have worked for some people like that and had clients who trust me to be a professional, to know what I'm doing, and they pay me for my time or for the work I do in a prompt, simple manner.


So what may have seemed like a vague, confusing job posting can turn into a very good job.


As a client, I have posted job postings which may seem vague. "Do css-based web design for this content." And that's it. No further instructions. I hired people based on their profiles and cover letters without doing any type of interview (neither via Skype nor messaging), providing no further guidelines, telling them to do whatever they felt best. Because I didn't want to impose any pre-conceived ideas on the designers.


They were paid by the hour without questioning their work or their work diaries. In the end I selected ideas and elements from all of their submissions and combined them to complete a finished personal project. (Something for my own use, not something I was hired to create.)


Vague? Yes.


But they all appreciated the chance to work how they want without having to take time jumping through additional hoops. After the project was done, they all hoped they could work with me again.


Not every job can work that way, of course. But some jobs are like that.

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Marcia M Member Since: Apr 3, 2013
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I believe Stephen was being sarcastic.


I think the issue is the double standard, with freelancers being blocked from applying for jobs if their profiles don't meet a certain standard, while clients can post any job they please, no matter how ridiculous it is, whether because of the rate or just overall ridiculousness.


Edit: Cross-posted with Stephen.


Preston, the job description you posted was not a problem.


On the other hand, the job I mentioned requires someone with advanced knowledge of anatomy, chemistry and engineering to design a product that could improve the lives of countless numbers of people - and to do it all for $30. I bet the client expects the freelancer to sign an NDA, too. (I'm a tech writer and would expect to be paid more than that just for writing about it - never mind creating it.)






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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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I agree Preston, and it's unfortunate that I can't provide examples of what I mean. Going back to the original post, has anyone ever seen a cheap, bizarre job posted on here? Can you describe it roughly? .


I'm thinking of another post in coffee break. A new "What are you listening to now?" thread, where you're not allowed to link to the music, or even name the artist or the song, but just describe what it sounds like.