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We need better reports...

The reporting we are offered are too basic:


1. We are limited to only go back 3 months in Transaction History, we should be able to go back 3 years, and put in custom start and end date ranges.


2. Billings & Earnings only offers a summary, I'd like the ability to break this down by month / week / year, hours worked, etc... I'd like the ability to select a client, and see a break down of the hours worked and when, not just a total as it is now. Here as well we need this to go back 3 years, not just one year as it is now.


All these reports should have the ability to export very raw data, so we can model data as we'd like in other tools, i.e. Excel. And keep this data past the currently limited UpWork retention period.


Hi Scott,


Thank you for reaching out to us. You can go back further than 3 years in Transaction History. You can custom the date range and also download the invoices or export the invoices in the date range selected as a CSV file:



Same with Billings and Earnings, you can customize the date range and go up to 3 years back, and download the CSV file that will show you the earnings, taxes, and fees for all the clients you've had in the selected date range. 



The Billings and Earnings page does not support filtering the reports to be exported by the client's name. But what you can do is use the filter option in Google Sheets, Excel, or Numbers on the column for the clients' names.

~ AJ
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Hmmm... i swear when I tried transaction history previously it didn't let me go back further in time, might have been a recent bug fix.


I still think the reporting could be improved and not require us to use external tools.

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I agree, Scott, but it's really not difficult to download the raw data from Upwork and manipulate / sort the information in all the ways you mentioned wanting to do. Those of us who pay US income taxes probablu have to do some of this anyway.

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