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We're unable to process your ID at this time.

My ID isn't accept. What should I do ? second time I tried and upwork says that I need to Verify your identity by 11/25/2022. What will happen now ?

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you can contact me across my official account



Hi Daniel,


I've submitted a follow-up to the team handling your case and it looks like there are actions that need to be taken from your end for them to resolve the issue with your ID Verification. One of the members will be reaching out via a support ticket to assist you further. You may also want to check your email for the notification linked to your ticket. You can access your tickets on this page.


~ Arjay

how do I see the ticket ? It asks me for password and username, but I can't access with my name or email, I don't remember make a username, where do I find this ? It's possible just use email for solve the ID situation ?

Hi Daniel,


If you're unable to access the ticket from the link that Arjay shared, you may try checking from your email. You should have a message from Upwork in your inbox with the details of your ticket.

~ Luiggi
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Ask them for a manual review.Upwork supporting team will send you a ticket.I also faced that before.I sent translated documents with my original documents.Because I had my id in local langauge.

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