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Website asking Complete profile but its already 100% complete



Good Day Everyone!


I just want to ask you one thing that my account is having some issue regarding displaying jobs related to my expereince.


My profile is 100% complete but website is always asking me to complete profile.


They only show about my jobs Most Recent or best matches search. They dont display actual page of jobs which showing everything. Please help me in this regard to solve my issue. Here is a screenshot for your reference.



Zohaib sultan


Hi Zohaib,

Could you please try clearing your cache and cookies or logging in with a different browser to see if the issue persists?



Hello Ms.Andrea,


Thanks  for your reply. Right now I already did  clearing all cache and cookies or also logging in with a different browser but the problem remain the same now just showing recent page display. Here is an attachment.


Zohaib sultan

Zohaib, I'm not sure what you mean since this screenshot shows that you can see job posts on your feed. If you're referring to the relevancy of the job posts, please try adding some saved searches as this helps configure the job posts shown in your feed.



Mr.Andrea G, Yes you are right this screenshot shows that I can see job posts on myfeed but problem remain the same they again showing such screen shot as i share before.  Problem occur and displaying everytime this complete your profile option. Even my profile is complete.



Hi Zohaib,


We're having a technical issue that is most likely related to your experience today. Please refer to my reply here.


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