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Weekend Proposal Submissions

Hi everyone,


What are your thoughts on submitting proposals for jobs on the weekend? Is it considered unprofessional, or does this work differently on Upwork? 


Thank you.



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I don't think it matters what day you submit a proposal - clients who need your services want to hear from you. 



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You can submit proposals at any time, 1 am, (EST) 4 am, on Sat or Sun and even on holidays such as Christmas, Easter etc. Clients around the world post jobs at all times, day and night, weekends, and also on holidays. and received proposals at all times. 

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Hi Kathy,


Thank you for your reply.


A question, if you don't mind, have you ever submitted a proposal at a weekend? And the client replied to you?

I have, many times. But I rarely apply for older jobs, so when I apply to a job during the weekend, normally the job was posted also over the weekend.

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Only clients' opinions matter, and they probably don't even notice proposal dates, let alone care.

Hi Eda. I don't think it's unprofessional. It's not like a phone call, which is hard to ignore. Clients can check their Upwork messages and emails at a time of their choosing. Some clients do work at the weekend, so you may be missing an opportunity if you wait.


Besides, Upwork is international. Would you also limit yourself to making proposals during the client's office hours, even if that happens to be your night time?

It's worth remembering that not everyone has the same weekend; it may be Friday and Saturday rather than Saturday and Sunday ( for example).

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I wouldn't worry about it.  The reason clients are using Upwork is because it enhances their efficiency - for example, hire a freelance writer, accountant, or programmer because they don't have the capital to keep one on staff full-time.


That said, being able to post a job freely also allows freelancers to bid on it freely, removing the "hiring process" barriers typically found in a traditional business.  

Also worth noting is that if the job is for an already employed individual, their schedule may be such that evenings and weekends are their prime hours to work on a side project.


I would submit the proposal as soon as you see a listing that fits.  You're competing against other freelancers for the same work, and sometimes the right attitude in a proposal is all it takes to win a client over.


I'd also add that if you're submitting a proposal to a business, they may not view it until the next business day so plan for a day or two at a minimum.

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