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Weird Rating.


Recently I got very wierd client, I wasn't aware that he will turn out to be such a person, first I asked for call conference before begining of the work however decline secondly over chat I give my best suggestion and his company profile also make a lot of changes, they didn't even have a script I prepared for them finally we had call conference and discussed everything how we can sucessfully run the project and he ask me work for long run and ask me to provide leads for free however I refuse to provide free leads and next day his project got suspended by upwork few days later he gave me 1 star?

How can I dispute about the rating because I think it was not fair.

Overall it will impact on my profile.


Hi Machinmi,


I'm sorry to hear about how the contract turned out. Please know that we encourage clients and freelancers to leave feedback based on the experience they had while working on the project. You can respond to the review left by the client to explain your side of the story. 

~ Joanne
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