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Weird job offer

i got a weird job offer on upwork saying :


"We're looking for Virtual Assistance to finance our Resourced APP development Team Based In India, Let's say for example If I deposit you on Upwork 10000 USD one month of our team budget, Will you be able to contribute them per week 2000USD via Banking, I will pay you 350$ commission on that every week."


Now I clearly indicated that for managing any transactions for the client we can use "Transferwise" app but i wont be receiving any money from the client to my upwork account which may be against the violation of TOS. Since even if i get the money on upwork and make payments on clients behalf the client can at a later stage create payment reversals through his bank and recover the money. 


The client later blocked me. 🙂


Have I averted a scam or lost an opportunity.


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Hey Kothari, yes it's so weird I don't even understand what they are saying. If a Job posting doesn't make sense to you, please skip it. That is my personal advice after 300+ Upwork Jobs. Have a great day!

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Sounds like money laundering.

Anyhow, terms of service require that all transactions are made through the Upwork website.  Anything outside of that could result in sanctions, warning/legal letters, and/or your account could get suspended.

You should have flagged the job and the client.

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It's a scam. 

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How can it not be a scam? Plus it's a ToS violation that will get you suspended.

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