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Well done oDesk Customer Service!

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Natalia G Member Since: Jun 8, 2008
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For once in the last few months I happy with oDesk's response to my ticket!


I flagged a SCAM job I had applied to and after receiving a copy/paste fake reply from the "client" (which a lot of freelancers reported in the forum, also), I submitted a ticket requesting my connects back (see thread regarding this on the forum).


It took CS a few days, but they replied that they have refunded my 2 connects and when I checked the Job post it's gone (see attachment)!

No excuses, no referrals, they listened to me and just fixed it!


I am pleaseantly surprised and also I want to congratulate CS for a job well done. I moan a lot but I am also grateful when things work out! Also, I am glad that no more people will get scammed by this job post/ "client".


I also learnt, thanks to the CS rep, who provided screen shots, that you can access a detailed view of your connects usage by going to: Settings (wheely thing top right) and then go to Memberships & connects.


Yay! Happy days, it doesn't take a lot to make me happy... Smiley Wink