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What Every Freelancer Should Do in The New Year

Here is wishing a very Happy New Year to all the Freelancers. May this new year bring them prosperity, joy and happiness.

Wht can freelancers do to achieve these things?

I think, they should read the book "The Compound Effect."

Here is the sumary of the book:

The Compound Effect is the principle that a small change has a cumulative effect.

The ripples of a minor error in someone’s life can completely derail today’s plans years later, just as a plane with a minor course error early in its journey can miss its destination by miles if the error is not corrected.

So, here is wishing you all the success that you want to achieve. Just keep in putting small efforts and by the year-end, you will have evrything that you have tried to achive!

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Happy new year, I also wish to bring this new year a lot of happiness, joy, and prosperity in every life. 

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