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What Upwork is doing? There is not any kind of support.

Recently my friend tried to add a new payment method and Upwork was throwing some errors. After 2-3 times of effort, she was unable to add a payment method and suddenly her account got suspended. 

This same thing happened to me 5-6 days earlier. What Upwork is doing? If anyone is trying to add a payment method and they are getting errors due to some problems, then how can the account get suspended? Is this a Melicious activity? We are only trying to add the Payment methods.

It's my humble request to the Upwork team to release her account from suspension, as she has one contract running, she will not able to provide the work to the client.

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I hope this problem will get troubleshot and not happen again.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Punit,


Please know that we're not able to discuss another user's account details with you because of privacy reasons. Please let your friend know she can reach out to us directly via our different support channels so we can assist her.



Hi there,

She tried so many times to generate tickets. But she is not able to
with a chatbot. That's the reason I need to write to the community.

There is only a chatbot option available to generate tickets. That's also
not working yesterday.
My only concern is, please connect your support team with her. As
her account is suspended and she can't write on the community as well. So I

Looking forward to your positive response.
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Punit, 

Please know that the team will be reaching out to your friend and assisting her soon. 

~ Avery

Hi Punit,


 Please request your friend to contact us directly so that we can assist them in a better way. If they are unable to reach us via our support page, our social support team will be happy to help them. Please request them to private message us on Facebook by following this link or Tweet us on Twitter.

~ Joanne
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