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What are the best options for clients to see my services?

I am seeing there is a Membership plan, can anyone tell me what might be the best options for potential clients to see my profile and services please?


Make your profile public and appealing. They'll see it.

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From first hand experience I can tell you that it is not necessary to use a paid membership plan in order to be successful.


I have never had a paid membership plan.


I have so many unsolicited requests from clients to work for them on big projects for large amounts of money that i almost always keep my profile BLOCKED from new requests. I set my status to UNAVAILABLE because I have too much work.


I DID NOT START out that way. But I built up to that. If you offer in-demand services and professional quality, then you can reach that point in the future.

Great advice guys, thanks. Yes not bragging, based on my client's feedback I know the value and quality of my work so I won't look for cheap labor.

@Preston H

You've raised a good point which I was thinking of looking into. I only put $20 per hour in my profile just to get something up here but some of my services are worth much more than that.


How do you guys handle this please? Meaning, I don't want people to think that is all I work for with all of my services, different services demand different pricing and structure so how can this best be presented in my profile?

Here is one thing I do NOT do:


I do not try to search for myself using the Upwork search engine. It does NOT work like Google or other search engines. And it rotates result sets. So it is pointless to try to game the system or use "SEO" on it.


Create a compelling, informative profile page.


Specialize in a specific area of expertise.


Make sure the entire profile page focuses on that area of expertise.

re: "but some of my services are worth much more than that"


I don't know, Winston.


My time is my time.


If somebody pays me to develop a complex database schema and a speed-optimized data loader tool faster than anybody else could create...


or if they pay me to watch movies on Netflix and give them a thumbs up or thumbs down score...


I charge the same amount for my time. I don't have different rates.

Thanks, I think I will need to spend some time searching similar service providers on here to try to get a medium on what per hour pricing might be ok.

I'm just saying what I do.


There is NO RULE against charging different rates for different services.

But Upwork allows only one hourly rate to be posted in the official position on your profile page.


You can change that rate unlimited numbers of times. You can even refer to other rates in your profile overview text.

But you are only allowed to have one official hourly rate on your profile page at any one time.

Ok, great advice, thanks! I will mention in my overview that my rates depends on the job itself.

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