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What are the rules arounf Networking for freelancers?

Hi all, so my question is more from the confusion as people we meet through network are not our clients and we don't have monetary transactions (unless, ofcourse, we deciede to do some project of some client together following upwork rules and have payments involved). 


Let's say I meet someone in who is from my city and we decide to meet and all, would it be against any rules?


Or, in second case scenerio, say, I got with some person who is working with some client from outside upwork and ask me to join the project, do they need to hire me through upwork? (this case seems very much legit though, since we made connection on upwork) but still a bit of clarification could keep us informed about rules?


Thanks 🙂 


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I don't think they really want communication outside of the platform because that will quickly make the service obsolete. They do have a networking feature in beta, so maybe they are testing some options. It's probably a highly requested feature. Being able to network is important.

Yes, that is only what I was hoping to clarify. Then what is the limitation for this feature 

You can network all you want, the important thing is that payments need to go through Upwork for a period of two years from the date that you made contact with someone via Upwork.

That is very stable and safe way to say. Of course it makes sense totally, but I am also worried sometimes if we stuck with misunderstandings where it will be hard to prove things so, if the Upwork has something guided for that case scene

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Yeah, at $50/hr like me, the conversion fee would be $14,000, so for you, Aru, it would be even higher.

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