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Re: What do you mean "unlock my account"? [SOLVED]

Community Guru
Natasa R Member Since: Feb 2, 2012
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You are most welcome! I am glad this post is still around to help others with this issue.

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Jaidev B Member Since: Feb 3, 2016
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Thanks for the help, i ran into this problem.. and your trick solved my problem

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Christopher G Member Since: Feb 5, 2016
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Thank you! Glad to see a company making so much money off of other peoples work still hasn't fixed this after almost 7 months...

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Andrey S Member Since: Feb 21, 2016
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It is also shows the same message if you'll enter incrorrect username. 


Seems thats the only error message this thing has in it's dictionary :-)

Community Guru
Natasa R Member Since: Feb 2, 2012
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I noticed that too Andrey. Username, password, all the same. 

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Natasa and all,


With latest update of the Team App, our engineers fixed the issues so you shouldn't see this error message anymore.


Please, let us know if you still do.

~ Valeria
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Shane Ryan D Member Since: Feb 16, 2017
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Need help..


"Please use the main site to login and unlock your account."


It doesn't work on me since I have already uninstalled and installed upwork apps. The problem still exist.


pls. help

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Shane Ryan, 

Have you tried logging in to your Upwork account via a browser, and then logging back in on the Upwork Desktop App? 

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Tsovinar T Member Since: Apr 8, 2017
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Hello Avery,


I have the same issue with the error. I have closed and opened the app, also i logged in on the browser that tried again, i even uninstalled and reinstalled the desctop app, but i still cannot log in to my account on the app.


Could you please help me?




Community Guru
Lanie M Member Since: Jun 24, 2015
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Hi Tsovinar, we'll reach out to you directly with further assistance.

Lanie M