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What do you think about my profile?

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Evgeniy T Member Since: Mar 20, 2009
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Hi here. Recently I start trying again to find my first hourly job on odesk. (I tried before in 2009 and found "Cheap" fixed price job with no feedback given to me, and after it I decided that is Odesk is overflowed by poor clients and I stopped to trying it. But I have successful freelance career outside Odesk - currently I worked about 3 years on fully remote basis). I spend about week by sending ~20 applications, I got about 5 responses from clients, but mostly it was one or two questions messages from clients and nothing more. (one of those clients is tried to found free workers for feedback payment, another client asked to me contact with him employee by skype, but nobody is answering in few days, also I have skype interview with some strange test task proposal - I successfully did it by few hours spending, client sad that it's good and that "we are discussing", but I not given any response about it anymore (I guess it might be has been free work fraud or might be is HR agency which is slowly wait response from their clients)). Thereby I would like to improve my profile, to reduce my fail rate. Please review my profile. What do you think is looks badly? What is looks good? I guess, might be is too many works in my profile, or it's is look little unprofessional, because I expert in 2 very different areas - programming and art and many clients don't think that is possible. Thanks, Evgeniy.
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Russell C Member Since: Jan 25, 2014
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I would offer the following suggestions. More or less I just re wrote what you already had so that it speaks directly to the reader. I am far from being a professional writer so take my suggestions for what they are worth. Overview I offer you 12 years of experience in digital graphics and development. My strengths include the ability to both develop your application from the ground up and produce world class graphic designs. I have an extensive work history in web development and a passion for mobile game development. I have worked in different roles on various game development projects. I am more than capable of fully developing your small game project independently. The only skill I do not bring to the table is music/sound effect editing however I have working relationships with some of the industry leaders in this area. I also have the leadership skills to manage a development team for your larger projects. I am ready to provide you with the following services: Mobile application/game development (iOs, Android) - Unity3d, vuforia, cocos2dx, marmalade sdk/, c++/objective-c, java. Backend development , web-sites (scala, python) Flash / Flex developing. IPhone or IPad gaming art & graphics production, 2d concept art (locations, characters, illustrations ...), 3d modeling - texturing, animation, rendering, IPhone or IPad application UI design, Web Designing. If you are ready to launch your new game development project, or you need a top notch web site developed, I encourage you to check out my portfolio below and then contact me to discuss your pathway to success. ------------ I scraped all the information from your "Other Experience" section so you would have to rewrite that.
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Dianne M Member Since: Jul 25, 2013
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New career for Russel. It's very nice of you to rewrite things for him Smiley Happy Not only that, but if ever things go bad for your business, you may have found a new career as a coach/mentor/copywriter Smiley Tongue To the OP: This rewritten version of your profile is so much better and convincing than what you have up (no offense meant). The best of luck, and don't do free tasks for potential clients again next time. If its really needed, it should takes less than 30 minutes, not a couple of hours.

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Russell C Member Since: Jan 25, 2014
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I am just trying to pay the community back for all of the great help and advise I have received.
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Pat P Member Since: Nov 26, 2013
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I think you need to flesh out your portfolio examples and bio. For your bio you need to give a little more information on what you have done and why you can benefit them. I look at my bio to two areas: 1) Who I am, what my experience is, what my skills are 2) How will this benefit you (The client) For your portfolio examples you have no descriptions. I do not know if this is all spec, student work, pitch work, or produced work and / or what role you played in the work. To be honest, it looks like you got lazy and just did not add descriptions. They are a lot of freelancers on here in all categories. They more information you can give a client the better. And if you produced work that is always the best. I do not even put my spec work up. And you have to push for client feedback and scores then note that in your application. Which means if you get a project you have to do as much client servicing as you do design. Last week I did not service an account to the best of my ability and in turn I received 4.87 (4 starts for availability). Of course you are going to find the a-hole clients who want work for free and demand too much or do not disclose the scope of work during the interview process. I had a case like this as well that I should of just turned down, but did not and as a result received a negative review that I'm still fighting. Hope this helps and please feel free to view my profile. Pat
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Evgeniy T Member Since: Mar 20, 2009
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> Russell Thank you very much, I guess I will rewrite my profile description with manner like in your suggestion, but of course I'm not so that great as in your text, therefore I will remove some parts to be really honest with clients. > Pat Thank you very much, You are right I'm lazy at describing my works and some of those is really old, created more that of 6-8 years ago. I thinks I will able to find time to update it, and for artistic portfolio I think that is can be better place, and I feel that might be in odesk profile I need to keep no more that 6-8 works with detail descriptions (anyway when I make applications to client I send individual set of samples which I selected depends on project type). But also I have some issue with portfolio items because for some of my greatest recently works I can't make public announcement accordings to NDA agreements, it's another cause that make my portfolio little outdated.
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Najie B Member Since: Oct 8, 2013
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How about me? Do I need some improvement with my profile? I'm laid off for about 2-3 weeks now. Please mention the wrong things. I will appreciate it very much. Thank you and have a great day. Wish you a good luck, Najie
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Evgeniy T Member Since: Mar 20, 2009
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I think you can add success client stories to your portfolio - in other words what challenge your client had while you start work with him and how you found solution for it
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Aitizaz U Member Since: Jan 31, 2015
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Hi experienced freelancers have a look at my profile and give me some sugesstions. I am desperately trying to win my first project on Odesk. Your help would be greatly appreciated.