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What do you usually charge /hr for writing? (Blog/Copywriting/Social, etc)

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Mike H Member Since: May 9, 2019
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Sometimes I'm not sure what I should be charging. I don't want to get passed over for charging too much, but don't want to get taken advantage of by asking too little.

Any isnight?

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Allen W Member Since: Oct 7, 2017
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Hey Mike!

Your profile isn't public so I couldn't see your experience or education. What I know is that, despite having years of experience in my field, my rates were low when I first started freelancing. I was getting around $10 per 1000 word article.

Not anymore and never again.

I started upping my rates as I gained feedback. Now, I never work for less than $25 for 500 words and that's if I don't have to do any research.

I can do that because I have around three reliable and well-paying clients (on and off the platform). I regularly turn down jobs that don't pay enough.

All that to say this - charge what you believe you're worth. If you have less experience in freelancing, that may be a little less than you want but if you really stick with it, you can get to a level you do want. I've met very few people who are willing to or have the time to make freelancing work.

Take care!