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What does it mean if you are hired for a full-time job?

The Client had wanted me to worked for a full-time job from "As Needed". And then, I agreed that I will work for her for full-time, 9AM to 5PM, my time and also her time and with 1 hour lunch break. My question is: If ever you are hired full-time, will you click "Start" the oDesk Tracker from 9AM to 5PM and only unclick it if you are on lunch? What I am doing now is, if ever at 9AM and if I am not working due to I cannot connect to their Remote Computer due to it is Off or if they don't still open their accounting software (they did not tell me the password yet, I don't know why), I do not click the "Start" button because I am not working yet, or I do not click the "Start" button in the morning if I have no task to do yet because all of my tasks are already done. I realized that if this will always be happening, I am at loss due to the contract is on 9AM-5PM and I always make sure that I am there online on or before 9AM for the job. Pls. advise. Very much appreciated.
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Community Manager

Hi Salve, I would recommend you communicate with your client and ask them about their expectations as for when you are supposed to work and track time. Ask them for clear instructions to make sure you completely understand how the work needs to be done.
~ Valeria