What does "looking to hire" mean in the Upwork App?

I applied for a few jobs via browser, and when I looked at those same jobs in my android app, I saw "Looking to Hire: 1, Interviewing: 0".


What does "looking to hire" mean and why can't I see the same statistic in the web version?


"Looking to hire"


When a client creates a job posting, there is a field that lets her specify how many contractors she wants to hire for that particular job.


I always leave the field as 1 (the default), even when I plan to hire more than one person for the job.


But I think the client can put in any number they want, from 1 to 99.

Oh wow, that's a "doh" moment on my part.


I was totally reading that a different way. Thanks for clearing it up for me 🙂

Don’t worry! I thought the same way! It’s misleading, it should be changed to something along the lines of

1 freelancer needed
2 freelancers needed etc

Hi Anton,


Looking to hire 1 means, client is looking to hire one freelancer,


Interview 0 means, the client is not interviewing any of the freelancers who have applied for this job.


by browser and web version you can't see same , that's upwork issue I think