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What does the payment verified mean exactly?

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Daniel V Member Since: Jan 15, 2018
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I'm just beginning here, but I've had a couple of bad experiences already

Once the client changed the milestone and failed to release the payment when I asked it. Upwork clients support didn't help at all, they just said to request the payment through scrow. I can still see the money there but he never agrees, so I can't collect.

Now I completed a new contract, but the client just funded the first milestone (I already got that) and I sent the files via Google Drive. After a couple of days of him being unresponsive about the last payment I disabled his access to the files.


He just messaged me to ask about the files acces and started the last milestone, but he hasn't fund it... It kinda makes me feel that he has no intention of paying, but he is requesting the files again.


Should I sent the files even if there are no funds in scrow? or is it ok to hold them until he funds the milestone?


If I sent the files and he refuses to pay, does he gets a penalty? The first client was very rude and it seems it wasn't the first time he did that, but he was really confident that I couldn't do anything about it.

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Ryan C Member Since: Feb 3, 2017
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Hello Daniel,


Only the money that's held in escrow is secure. Upwork can't help you collect any funds that have been promised but not deposited to escrow. Therefore, it's important that the amount held in escrow is appropriate for the work you will perform for that milestone.

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