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What good is flagging a job or reporting it?

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Pandora H Member Since: May 11, 2010
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@Valeria K wrote:
recorded evidence of a violation

Valeria, while reading your reply, something rather important occured to me:

Iv'e probably not reported half a dozen jobs because I was not sure what would be considered "evidence".


Is there a support page that addresses this, that is to say, outlines some examples, etc? If not, what in the world is considered "evidence"? This pertains to say, these  kinds of jobs (that I would report via a ticket):


1. Jobs with links to bad sites (pron, malware, virus, warez, etc.)

2. Jobs with links to personal data sites (having a form asking for things like Social)

3. Jobs that read as totally scammy (Such as those with a 1 line description, no job history, account active for 2 years, no hires, and the job is looking for 99 freelancers)

4. Other jobs that I just can't think of right now.


I've been meaning to post about this for a while, but reading your reply reminded me. Thank you in advance for helping me report bad jobs in an approrpriate manner.

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Dyll M Member Since: Sep 30, 2015
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"What good is flagging a job or reporting it?"


It is a very important first step. Without flagging, Upwork will not be able to look into possible problems easily. A lot of things happen on the platform, and some shady transactions could easily go unnoticed. By flagging, we call Upwork's attention.


After getting their attention, Upwork needs to look into the matter. They cannot just penalize the flagged account just because someone complained. If they did that, Upwork would be a very dangerous place. I don't like you; I flag you; you're done. They need to satisfy themselves first that, indeed, a penalty is necessary. They do this by looking for evidence. Otherwise, it would begin to sound like the witch hunt all over again. (Even the witch hunt required evidence. Trivial--like owning a cat--but evidence nonetheless.)

Now, what Upwork would consider as proof is not within my knowledge. But their policy of looking for evidence first before acting is consistent with due process.


In sum, flagging and reporting is like filing a complaint in any tribunal. It gets the ball rolling. However, evidence is needed to support such complaint before a valid judgement can be made.

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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Hey Suzanne, The free work people are annoying mostly because they waste your time and energy.


I had a guy do the same to me last week. He was asking for free work without actually asking. What I did is waited a few days (actually, about a week) and watched as he kept interviewing more people. My thoughts were to let him keep hanging himself with a few more people before I reported him just to make sure there was plenty for the risk management team to see.


I reported it on Friday, I think, and it looks like Upwork killed the job. He was up to 20-ish proposals and 17 interviewed. He too had a couple of paid jobs, so he probably knew what he was doing. Now the job says 0 proposals and no interviews and no hires, so I think they killed it.

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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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Jennifer I am glad they did something for you but this guy has the job open and no hires, and the interviews are still at 8 where there had been more previously. It was kind of for a special project consultancy. He had quite a few apply, but I believe he went through and picked out those he thought he could pick there brains for info.


I am wondering if Upwork needs proof what good flagging does when they are asking for free work. Flagging for it does nothing if Upwork requires proof. It is illegal to record phone calls including Skype if you do not let the other person know you are recording the call, so i would be no better then him if I recorded it without permission and he wasn't dumb enough to ask email.


But he got 10 or so people to talk to him without paying a cent. Not my problem as I said before. No skin off my back, but yes it is irritating he wasted my time. But it is Upwork losing the money not me.

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Evelina H Member Since: Jan 29, 2015
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I was having the same question a month or so ago, but it turned out that, yes, I needed proof. The client kept his job posting and had only 15% hire rate, and about a dozen open jobs. He did ask me to work off Upwork, which I refused and withdrew my application. I also flagged him and his job posting. I noticed that nothing happened for days, and he kept receiving more proposals. I got quite angry that people were falling for his trap.


If Upwork needs proof but we can't provide it, or record it on time, I think a really good idea is to visually display how many times (if any) this job has been flagged. No action may be currently taken by Upwork, but at least new freelancers will be warned by seeing the flag count. They will send a proposal at their own risk, but the flag count will be visible!