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What happened to search results

I was #1 or #2 for two smaller categories for over 2-years.  Now I am not in the top 100 search results with the same search terms.  Anyone seen a big change to the search results for finding talent?

What is baffling is the top 50-100 spots are taken by newbies with $300 earned or JSS of 80-95%.  I have a 100% JSS and much, much more earned.


What gives with the search results for "find talent" these days?

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It was changed an half year ago. Top rated like you no more shown first.


Hi Steven,


Thank you for reaching out to us and for being a valued member of Upwork. I tried searching for your profile using your first name and last name's initial and I was able to get a result on the second page. Please see this screenshot for your reference.


Please know that results vary depending on the type of profile used to conduct the search since a number of factors are taken into account. Clients may get different search results for the same keywords and filters than freelancers using the same parameters. Additionally, freelancer profiles are regularly rotated in search results in order to give everybody a fair chance at being discovered by clients.


~ Arjay
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Great to see your success on upwork 

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Not just you buddy. They changed their search algorithm.

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I can understand your frustration with the sudden drop in search rankings. It's indeed puzzling to see newcomers outrank you despite your impressive JSS and earnings. To regain control over your online presence, I strongly recommend focusing on optimizing your website for search engines, ensuring it's user-friendly, and regularly updating your content. This way, you can drive organic traffic and not solely rely on third-party **Edited for Community Guidelines** for visibility.

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