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What happens If I apply on a job where I do not meet the required qualification?

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Rahul B Member Since: Jun 5, 2019
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What happens If I apply on a job where I do not meet all the required qualifications?


For example, the client is looking for a Facebook ad professional from the USA or from Europe but I do not meet this qualification. Will the client see my proposal?


What are my chances of getting a reply and Is it right to apply where I don't meet all qualifications?

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Sergio S Member Since: Dec 19, 2017
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That depends on the kind of job. There are many and I mean many professionals who will meet all qualifications and the client will pay more attention to those, especially if they have more job history than you. You can still send a proposal. Chances you will be considered and even hired are few but they still exist. However connects are not free so if I were you I would think twice before sending a proposal.

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Richard L Member Since: Dec 14, 2016
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This is one of the more ridiculous Upwork requirements. I am an American living in Spain, and if a client is looking for a native English speaking person from the US, half the time I am blocked from applying for the job. Mind you, I am a former English college teacher, author of nine books, I have an advanced English degree...I just happen to live in Spain. Clients don't know that Americans can live anywhere other than America, and as a result, I get blocked. Meanwhile, other people who are ESL can be considered.

Sometimes I'll spend time crafting an application only to be told after that my application is rejected based on my location. Just ridiculous. Why not just get blocked before-hand? Why not base my skills on something other than my IP address? If this is a global community of workers, it is time to act like it and understand that Americans living in America are not the only ones who speak English natively.

Upwork sometimes seems to me to do more to block potential employment than facilitate it.

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Douglas Michael M Member Since: May 22, 2015
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Two separate issues are being discussed here. US- or UK-only postings rankle many, for the reasons mentioned, and there is no way around them.


For other criteria—e.g. preference for a European contractor, or for a specific time zone, number of hours worked, or whatever—no "blocking" is involved. Proposals are flagged if they deviate from criteria the client—not Upwork—has specified. Freelancers have repeatedly reported they regularly win contracts where they do not meet a prespecified criterion—much as we do when we bid over clients' budgets. It's our job—as always—to make the case that we're the most qualified candidate.


Edited to add: Richard, I'm a little confused. How are you even seeing US-only jobs, and able to apply for them? If these are truly US-only jobs, you shouldn't see them. If not, then the above observation applies.

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Richard L Member Since: Dec 14, 2016
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The point was that Upwork sets the categories and the categories are
ridiculous. An American who spoke English from birth can live in Japan
and still be fluent in English and might even be teaching it as a second
language...and that person will be disqualified from editorial positions
marked as Americas only. It makes zero sense. The criteria based on
location is wrong unless the position is truly location-dependent (e.g.,