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What happens after you report a client asking for free work?

Hi there,

I'm a video editor and recently I had a client asking me to create one-minute sample work for free.

I refused it and I reported via 'Flag appropriate' button on the job posting.

I really wonder what happens next.

Does Upwork react and impose any penalties on the client?

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Did the client ask for free work via the messaging system? If so, I would suggest that you report the message as well. 

Thanks I reported the message as well.

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Not really.

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From my experience with one client, nothing changes. There is no penalty that I can find in the rules.

I can see that client is still posting new jobs and most probably still asking for free work from other freelancers 🙂 
Huge thanks for Upwork to defending our rights.

Hi Celal,


I see that you already created a ticket regarding your report. Rest assured that I forwarded your ticket to the appropriate team and they will take appropriate actions based on our internal processes. 


Additionally, you can learn more about user reporting here.


~ Nikola
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