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What happens to scammers?

Community Guru
Aleksandra K Member Since: Mar 31, 2015
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I am hoping that the UpWork team can tell me what happens to clients who turn out to be scammers? How many freelancers should complain that a client tried to take advantage of them for this client to be suspended forever?


I am curious as I had one of these clients and the feedback shows he did this to at least 5 more people after me and he is still hiring. Are they even punished for scamming freelancers or they are just told not to do that in future?

Ace Contributor
Jaime L Member Since: May 11, 2015
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Just out of curiosity - what did this client do to scam you?

Community Guru
Aleksandra K Member Since: Mar 31, 2015
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He decided to close the contract without releasing payment on the third milestone (He never even funded the milestone, but it was my first contract, so I wasn’t aware how things go). He pretended like nothing happened and every time I contacted him he would either ignore me or make a silly excuse  Smiley Very Happy


I can see other freelancers complaining that he didn’t pay them but he is still posting jobs on UpWork.