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What happens when a worker can't complete a job?

Let's say a worker bids on a job, wins but can't complete it (like a programming job). Can he/she break it off (with no money transferred) without any repuccussions or can the client leave 1star/negative reviews?

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For either hourly or fixed price jobs, if there's no payment made because either no hours were logged or a full refund was given by the freelancer, there's no public star review, but there will still be private feedback, which affects the freelancer's Job Success Score.

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First of all a freelancer should never apply to a job when they don't have the skills necessary to complete the job. 

Having said that, a freelancer can close the contract and issue a refund of all the funds in escrow. You will have reprucussions. A job closed without payment will affect your JSS AND a client can still leave feedback 

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