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What if I ended Contract for Client who did not give job arrangement

I get offer hourly rate from client to update database. But I didn't get information about database and there  is not arrangement further. This condition is almost 3 week. I have not started any work at all for this contract.


I've try to reach her many times by email from upwork and another media. But I have not respond.

I worry if I end contract will impact to JS Score..

So, what I have to do? It will make my inprogress job too much.


Please give me advice.


Thank you 

Akhmad Hisyam F

Community Member

Close it. One contract alone without earnings won't impact you that much, probably not more than a dormant contract.

"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless
Community Member

Thanks Rene..I will close it. I hope it will not much impact to score

Hi Akhmad. If I were you I wouldn't close the contract immediately.

"Contracts with no earnings and no feedback, whether closed or not, can significantly lower your JSS because they indicate client dissatisfaction."


Although this contract may eventually hurt your JSS whether it's closed or not, it will take longer for that to happen if you leave it open. In the meantime, several things could help you...

1. The client may reappear after all.

2. You could become Top Rated and use the TR perk to remove the contract from your JSS.

3. Completing more contracts will mean that each contract has less effect on your JSS.


I you close the contract immediately, it might reduce your JSS below 90%, and then it could take significantly longer for you to become Top Rated.

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